About NIC

NIC: Where Dreams Begin

There is a place located in the heart of Tokyo, where the dreams of young students begin anew every year: The NIC International College in Japan(NIC). For thousands of Japanese students, the idea of studying abroad seems wishful thinking at best. Most have neither the preparation nor motivation to actually see it through. However, at this school such thinking is a reality for its entire student body. At NIC, hundreds of students come together in an annual program to pursue and eventually fulfill these dreams of studying abroad through the combined effort of the faculty, staff, and student body.

At NIC, both the faculty and staff develop a very caring relationship with the students and get to know them in ways unimaginable for a school of its size. Students enrolled at NIC become known on a first name basis and every aspect of their impending year abroad receives assistance from a top-rated staff of Japanese employees, many of whom have earned degrees from American and British colleges & universities, and several EFL & academic teachers, all of whom hold Masters or PhD degrees. The faculty provides excellent and challenging education, and our strong commitment to our students is what develops them to better understand what it takes to achieve success at a college or university abroad.

Kazuko Hirota, Ph.D. (in Education)
President/Managing Director
NIC International College in Japan
TOEFL Board Member 2001-2005

Dr. Kazuko Zukie Hirota