NIC offers intensive English curriculum and general education college courses in Tokyo and in Osaka for one year. Admission to NIC is especially selective compared with other American branch institutions in Japan. Only those students who have strong motivation for choosing International education and those who have satisfactory high school academic records are admissible to NIC. As a result, over 95% of the students who have enrolled in NIC successfully complete the intensive program and transfer to U.S. & U.K. campuses in the following year.

Academic Success

SILVER & BLUE, the magazine of the University of Nevada, Reno, reported on Japanese student's success in its Fall 1990 issue:
"The university's Japanese students appear to be thriving. Of 134 Japanese students who arrived on campus [from UNRJ] in June 1989, 110 of them were [still] attending the Reno campus and TMCC campus or other university... That 82 percent retention rate compares favorably with the average incoming freshmen retention rate of 60 percent. In addition, the Japanese students are maintaining a 3.3 GPA - a strong B."