English for Academic Purposes (EAP)

NIC offers more than English classes. NIC has an excellent English for Academic Purposes (EAP) program, which offers a one-year program comprised of 3 fourteen-week semesters for students who wish to enter an American, Canadian or UK university or college. Depending on their TOEFL scores, during the year at NIC students have the option of taking either EAP or college courses fully accredited by NCA, which are transferable to colleges and universities in the United States. Students receive intensive instruction in English and acquire study skills that will enable them to succeed in academic work. Among those students who complete our program, our graduates have over a 90% success rate in their colleges and universities. Their language and study skills together with their cultural understanding and personal independence enable them to deal with the challenges of living and studying abroad.

In our EAP program we assist students to…
  • Prepare for Academic Level Courses
  • Respond to Classroom Learning with Opinions and Well-thought out Analyses
  • Challenge Themselves and Think Critically about Academic Issues
  • Develop Independence in Learning
  • Become More Globally Minded

< EAP Courses >

Note-taking, Speech & Discussion Courses: NSD
  • HB Basic Listening & Discussion
  • LI Intro to Note-taking & Discussion
  • IN Intermediate Note-taking & Discussion
  • HI High-Intermediate Note-taking & Discussion
  • LA Low-Advanced Note-taking & Discussion
  • HA Pre-Academic Note-taking & Discussion
Reading, Writing & Discussion Courses: RWD
  • HB Reading & Beginning Writing
  • LI Reading & Writing Paragraphs
  • IN Reading & Paragraph Development
  • HI Reading & Introduction to Essays
  • LA Reading & Essay Development
  • HA Reading & Research Writing
Miscellaneous Courses
  • TPC TOEFL Preparation Course
  • ASC-I Academic Study Course I
  • ASC-II Academic Study Course II

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