Re-entry and Job Placement

The uncertainty of a good career is a concern for all college and university graduates. However, students who successfully graduate from NIC have access to numerous job opportunities through our Career Placement Center. At the Center, our staff assists students in obtaining a career in their field through helpful advice, while introducing them to several companies interested in graduates with international and bicultural experience.

Many of our graduates are employed by international companies: SONY, MITSUBISHI, HITACHI, PIONEER, NEC, JAL, ANA, NHK, TOYOTA, MAZDA, etc. as well as foreign enterprises: Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, Earnst & Young, SAP,APPLE, etc. And also many of them work as specialists, such as Certified Athletic Trainers, Child-life Specialists (CLS), US-CPA’s, US-Lawyers, Psychology Counselors, etc.

Joint job fair at NIC

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