General Education/Academic courses (ACAD)

Students in the advanced level of the EAP program can take part-time academic courses (one or two subjects) in addition to EAP, and those having over TOEFL 500 can to take full-time course loads. Most of the academic courses offered at NIC satisfy General Education requirements at Nevada and California schools, and other American institutions.

< GEN Courses >

  • GEN134 Humanities I
  • REL132 Religion in America
  • REL232 Eastern Religious Traditions
  • REL233 Western Religious Traditions
  • GEN110 Expository Writing
  • GEN112 Persuasive Writing
  • COM111 Public Speaking
  • HIS201 U.S. History I
  • HIS202 U.S. History II
  • HIS102 World History II
  • ART101 Drawing I
  • ART151 Two-Dimensional Design
  • MUS120 Music History and Appreciation
  • MUS111 Music Theory I
Social Science
  • PSY200 General Psychology
  • ANT223 Cultural Anthropology
  • SOC100 Introduction to Sociology
  • SOC210 Majority-Minority Relations
  • SOC250 US-Japan Relations
  • ECN220 Principles of Macroeconomics
  • PHI221 Introduction to Philosophy
  • PHI232 Ethics
Foreign Language
  • PHI221 Introduction to Philosophy
  • PHI232 Ethics
Natural Science
  • BIO100 Introduction to Biology
  • MAT130 Intermediate Algebra
  • MAT162 Pre-Calculus
  • MAT231 Calculus I
  • MAT220 Probability and Statistics
Computer Science
  • CPS100 Introduction to Computers
  • ART/COM280 Web Design
  • BUS150 Introduction to Business
  • ECN230 Principles of Microeconomics

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