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06Typing Tips

Unfortunately, most high school students have little if no practice typing. This causes a lot of difficulty for students. Sometimes students’ typing skills do not show their ability to create an essay. Here are 3 good reasons why you should begin typing now before you enter NIC:

  1. In colleges & universities abroad, all paragraphs, essays, and research papers must be typed, not handwritten.
  2. The Computer TOEFL has a timed essay test called the Test of Written English, TWE, which can be typed. This TWE is worth a lot of your total TOEFL score.
  3. Typing out your homework and assignments lets you to save the work and make changes to it easily.

When you enter NIC, you will have a lot of practice typing papers. And we will show you how to use programs like Microsoft Word and Star Office to create fabulous papers for your teachers abroad.

Until then, below are a few typing web pages that you can use for free to get a lot of practice before entering NIC. There is also a short description of how to use each one:


    Danny’s rating (3 out of 5)

    This website has 15 basic lessons for typing practice. It also shows you which fingers you should use when typing on the keyboard. You can either do the 15 lessons on the website or you can copy and paste text into this program to use as practice.


    Danny’s rating (5 out of 5)

    This website has some great typing tests for students to increase their speed. You can choose a 1, 2, or 3-minute time limit, and you can choose from different stories to practice typing. Below is a sample from Huckleberry Finn.

After each timed session, the program will tell you:

The Gross Speed: How many total words you typed in the timed period

The Errors: How many mistakes you made during the time period

The Net Speed: How many words you typed correctly

Accuracy: What % of words you typed correctly

Make a chart and keep working at it to increase your typing speed!

Please check out these websites. They are great ways to increase your typing speed. It is very important to be prepared for this before entering NIC. If you practice, you will really impress your teachers when you come here!