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17Managing Your Time to Study English

I realized that many students want to study English before coming to NIC. However, they need advice on how they should manage their studying. Most of our new students are finishing their final year of high school, and they are extremely busy. Some need advice on how to set up a schedule that is good for them. Therefore, I decided to give some advice on some simple things you must do to have effective studying!

To begin with, here are some things that you should always do when studying English!

  1. Choose an appropriate place to study

    Unfortunately, some students try to study in bed. However, your bed is really for sleeping not studying English. And that is what happens when most students study on it: they fall asleep. It is better to stay away from your bed if you want to make a good effort to study English. Try to choose a place with good lighting, too. Research shows that good lighting increases the ability to learn information.

  2. Take several breaks

    Some students falsely think that studying for several hours is good for them. But it is wrong! You should never study for more than an hour without a break. Your brain needs rest, and it should not be overworked. The best strategy is to study for 50 minutes and to then take a 10-minute break.

  3. Study a variety of skills

    Some students only study grammar or reading, but they do nothing for the other skills. A good English learner tries to improve: Writing, Reading, Speaking & Listening. Focusing on only 1 or 2 of these skills is not good for language development.

  4. Make a schedule to study

    So many students want to study English, and they make a small attempt to do it. But after a week or two, they stop because they don’t have any time. To help this, you should make a schedule and keep up with it!! Below is a sample for you to follow! In the schedule, try to plan at least 3 study sessions per week. It is better to have sevral short sessions instead of one long one.

As you can see, the schedule includes a variety of activities. Make sure that you cross out things that you have already done and try to keep everything in a folder. Follow this advice to improve your English for next year!!