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09Idea for learning

NIC does a wonderful job of helping students prepare for their studies abroad. We have a very large staff that will help students in this very important decision. However, many students are preparing early, and they already have a dream when they enter our school. This tip is great for helping students prepare for what they want to study after they spend their year preparing at NIC.

  1. What do you enjoy doing?

    If you can imagine yourself enjoying your future job, then you might really like doing it as a career. When you think about what to study, always think of what type of job you would like to do in the future. For example, if you would like to work with an international organization like NGO, then you should think about studying something like International Affairs. Whatever you do, find something that you will enjoy doing for many years to come.

    Now that you have discovered your dream, start preparing now for your future!

  2. Learn names, people, and places in your field

    The time to start preparing is now! As the Associate Director at NIC, I am always very impressed by students who have knowledge about fields that they want to study. For example, if you want to study Child Development, find some books on the topic in either English or Japanese. It doesn’t matter which language you learn it in. The important part is to learn it! Of course, follow the NIC advice and never get a book that is too difficult for you to read. Make a list of Vocabulary and write “What you have learned...” section.]

    NOTE: You may read about fields of study in either English or Japanese, but always fill out the form in English like the example below.

    Akiko Yamashita
    Field of Interest:
    I want to study Child Development in the future!
    July 15, 2004

New Words I Learned Today

  1. puberty: the period of time during teenage years

    During puberty, children’s voices change.

  2. mother tongue: the native language of a child

    Although my mother tongue is Japanese, I want to learn English.

  3. self-pace: to learn at your own speed

    When I study at night, I self-pace my reading.

What I Learned Today

Today I found an article on the Internet about an international school in Japan that teaches with the Montessori method. Dr. Maria Montessori was born in Italy. This teaching does not have textbooks. Students learn individually and they learn from each other. The teacher is trained to teach one student at a time.

Over a year, you will learn so much about your field of study. If you are not sure about what to study, choose a different field each week and learn about it. By doing this, you can decide which ones were more interesting to you over the year. When you go abroad, you have to learn these subjects with other native English speakers. So this is great preparation for that time. The time to begin preparing is NOW!! Be prepared!

Take care!