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39About the Demo Lessons


Each year so many students are interested in NIC’s Demo Lessons. As a result, they find out more about NIC. However, I realized I don’t have an article about these lessons. It’s important to write one because most students who read these Study Tips come to the lessons during the year.

So I thought it is a good idea to tell you more about our Demo Lessons in this article.

First, what is a Demo Lesson?

A Demo Lesson is a short sample of our classes at NIC. Sometimes the lessons are somewhat easier or more difficult for students. This is because there may be different levels in one class. But don’t worry. At NIC we have 6 levels for you, so you will be in the right level when you come here.

In the lesson there is usually a little discussion, reading, writing, and note-taking practice. But the lessons are slightly different each time. Different teachers also teach the Demo Lessons, so you can experience many teaching styles at NIC.

Second, who comes to the Demo Lessons?

I have met students from all over Japan at the Demo Lessons. A class might have students from Okinawa, Hokkaido, Hiroshima and other parts of Japan, including Tokyo. Every lesson has a different group of young men and women.

Third, what should I do when I come to a Demo Lesson?

This is VERY IMPORTANT, so make sure you read this carefully. The Demo Lessons can be even greater if every student reads this. Then everyone could be prepared to have a great class! I created 5 rules for you to follow when you come to the Demo Lessons:

  1. Make sure you use English for every activity in the class!

    Sometimes I have to remind students of this a lot. But if everyone knows this and makes a great effort to speak English, it makes the class more active and fun. Remember, everyone came to speak English. If you speak Japanese to your partner, it is not fair to him/her.

  2. Don’t be afraid to share your opinions and ideas!

    The Demo Lesson is a chance for you to be active not shy. Take a chance! In May 1st article “Speak Stronger and Longer” I wrote about how you can make your answers in class better.
    If someone at your table asks: Have you ever visited a foreign country?
    Don’t answer: “Yes”
    Instead, answer something like: Yes, I went to Australia last year. I liked it because it was sunny and my host family was very kind. For example, they took me to the beach with them. So I liked Australia.

  3. Respect the other students and the teachers.

    When someone is talking or sharing ideas, listen to the person. Do not talk while other people are talking. This is important because it shows that you are interested in what is discussed.

  4. Ask questions if you do not understand something.

    If you do not understand something, ask your partner or teacher in English. Try not to ask your classmate in Japanese. Teachers in Demo Lessons need to know what is unclear. It helps them on future lessons.

  5. Be positive and patient even if the lesson is too difficult or too easy.

    Remember, sometimes there is a mixture of levels. So if your partner is lower than you, be patient and help the person out. On the other hand, if everything is very difficult, don’t give up! Remember you will be in an easier class when you come to NIC.

Well, that’s it! I think the Demo Lessons are a great way for students to learn more about NIC! If you have a chance to come to one, please follow these 5 rules above. Let’s have fun and enjoy learning academic English!